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Friday Favorite – Woodsly Summer Lookbook 2014
October 17th, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  5 Comments »

This beautiful one page design by Woodsly is this week’s Friday Favorite for its amazing execution of visual design, engaging photography, innovative interaction and amazing parallax scrolling animation. Check out the site here.

The Project Plateau
October 14th, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  6 Comments »

The project plateau is something that we all face when working on large projects (a term coined by Scott Belsky). It’s the period within every project when everything seems to become boring, tedious, and uninspiring. What happens with most of us is that our instincts kick in and we jump to a new idea (something that takes us away from the boring project we were working on). The new idea gets us excited again but it’s only short lived because once we get going on that “new” project, we fall back into the project plateau. It’s inevitable, all projects involves the project plateau.

Overcoming the project plateau is easier said than done, but it simply starts with being aware. When you’re working on an important project, catch yourself as you drift onto new ideas. Force yourself to get back into working on the project at hand. It’s hard but the payoff is huge once you actually complete that project. I’ve been through this on a yearlong project and the payoff is amazing and liberating once you finally reach completion.

The thing is this, if you allow yourself to drift onto new ideas each week, each month, without actually finishing your main project, you’ll never accomplish anything. You’ll become subconsciously trapped in a death cycle of new exciting ideas but never really following through on any of them. Here’s the kicker that got me to change my thinking – we all have a friend that’s always up to something new, but when you look back over the past 5 years, this person never really accomplished anything. I have a few of those – and that’s when I decided I don’t want to be that person.

Just be aware of the project plateau. Don’t start a new project; just finish the one you’re work on.

Source: Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky

Advice on Becoming a UX Designer
October 9th, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  4 Comments »

In this video I cover the UX Design process and speak about what it takes for someone to become a UX Designer. Its all about how you approach each project and the process you use for designing a website or web app. Following this process and gaining experience will make you a strong UX Designer.

Adobe Fireworks Still the Best UI/UX Design Software
September 22nd, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  10 Comments »

In this video I talk about why Adobe Fireworks is still the best UI/UX Design software available today. I’ve been using Adobe Fireworks since the year 2000 and continue to use it today for all my UI/UX Design needs. In the video I demonstrate the key features I love in Adobe Fireworks.

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and a Career in Web Design
September 9th, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  10 Comments »

In this video I talk about the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book and how a career in Web Design is actually great for positioning yourself for longterm financial growth.