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“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and a Career in Web Design
September 9th, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  9 Comments »

In this video I talk about the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book and how a career in Web Design is actually great for positioning yourself for longterm financial growth.

What is a UI/UX Designer?
August 25th, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  6 Comments »

In this video I explain exactly what a UI/UX Designer is. I describe what a UI Designer does and what a UX Designer does touching on real world examples.

How to Get Started in Mobile UI Design (iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Microsoft Tablet)
August 11th, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  13 Comments »

In this video I provide a few tips on how to get started in mobile UI Design. Many people don’t know how to get started, this video provides a good few steps on how to get your feet wet in designing for mobile devices. Hope you enjoy!

Complete a Solid Project First Before Designing Your Portfolio
July 31st, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  11 Comments »

In this video I share some advice on the importance of working on a design project first before designing your portfolio.

Simple Web Design Portfolio Layout Example (Video)

Simple Web Designer Portfolio Layout Example
July 21st, 2014 by Mike Locke  |  10 Comments »

In this video I walk you through and show you a simple web designer portfolio layout example.