Is Twitter a Valuable Business Tool?
January 11th, 2009 by Mike Locke  |  1 Comment »    

twitterSo I recently gave in and opened a Twitter account. My thinking was, if Barak Obama can have a twitter page, why can’t I. It’s actually quite fun and I quickly began to see the benefits of having a Twitter account. It’s not only a great tool to staying up-to-date on what your friends are doing, but it’s a great networking tool that provides many business benefits.

  1. Creating a Twitter account automatically gives you a highly (Google) ranked website/incoming link that will boost your SEO value.
  2. Twitter provides another platform for branding your business/company with the option to customize your background image (i.e. allowing you to add your logo/company branding).
  3. Your Twitter account can be used for business updates (i.e. short press releases).
  4. Having a Twitter account automatically makes your business cool and hip.

Below is a video explaining Twitter in plain English:

If you haven’t already, visit Twitter and sign-up for a Free account and become “cool” instantly.

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